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May 23rd, 2017 by admin

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Busty MILF Violet Adamson shows cocksucking skills

May 16th, 2017 by admin

12 Busty MILF Violet Adamson shows cocksucking skills

Violet Adamson is a rare mix for a MILF. You’ll quickly see her submissive side as she answers a few questions and makes herself more comfortable in the living room, but from the moment she crawls across the floor and gets her hands wrapped around some cock, this mommy is a take-charge cocksucker to the core! Long slow strokes and the steady rotation of her hands as she grips your shaft and buries your dick balls-deep in her mouth – unlike teen blowjob auditions, there really isn’t much reason to grab the back of Violet Adamson’s head while she sucks your dick… this sexy housewife from the suburbs already knows exactly what she is doing! When the cum starts to spew all over her face, she’s like an experienced PTA Mom preparing for a bake sell and slathering the cream evenly all over her sweet cheeks and chin!

Cock hungry MILF Kelly Leigh gives a nasty blowjob

May 9th, 2017 by admin

11 Cock hungry MILF Kelly Leigh gives a nasty blowjob

The way Kelly Leigh explains herself, there just came a time when she knew she wasn’t going to be able to keep a man on looks alone. Sure, she was a pretty teen and even made the pep-rally squad back when she was in school, but as she got to be thirty-something she knew she needed more than just her face and body to keep men happy… and that’s when she started working on her deep-throat abilities. This mommy blows best because she is willing to go deeper than most women, swallowing the shaft down to the balls and not bringing it back out until her oxygen supply makes it necessary. She’s like a world class snorkeling champion staying with her face in your lap until you cum or she is left gasping for enough air to make it down for another dive on your dick. Go ahead and fuck her face until her eye makeup starts to run, this mommy can take it and like any good housewife… she’s wearing cheap makeup that she can easily replace at the supermarket the next time she goes to get groceries so she can make you a nice dinner to celebrate the fact that you are willing to cum all over her face!

A Mommy Like Kelly Leigh Uses *SKILL* To Keep A Man Happy,

Diamond Foxxx is the DDD busty MILF blowjob expert

May 2nd, 2017 by admin

110 Diamond Foxxx is the DDD busty MILF blowjob expert

It’s hard to believe that Diamond Foxxx is a mom. Well, it’s not hard to believe that a guy would want to knock up this hot piece of ass, but it is hard to believe that a woman with a body this smokin’ has dropped a couple of screaming brats. Diamond comes in wearing something that looks more like dental floss than anything you might wear in public and we waste no time in getting her out of it so we can see the full view of those bodacious DDD tits. Right from the start, we could tell this was a “mommy built for speed”. There are no PTA meetings or soccer practices in her schedule. The only balls she juggles are the ones attached to a cock. Diamond salivates over the cock and spends some quality time with her tongue flickering all over that purple headed monster. Diamond Foxxx has the fine art of cock worship down to a science and she gets a cum blast all over her juicy lips as her reward.

Hot MILF Victoria Valentino loves to give blowjobs

April 25th, 2017 by admin

2 Hot MILF Victoria Valentino loves to give blowjobs

Valentino is her married name. Victoria grew up in a Hispanic neighborhood and this Mamacita learned that a set of red stripper heels and some serious dick sucking skills can help a girl have a much more interesting life. She’s been a feature dancer, she’s sucked cock in cabaret bathrooms and now she’s ready to show you that she’s finally become what she always knew she would be… a Mommy Who Blows Best! The rhythm of her whole body lunging toward your lap, the way she presses the head of your prick against the inside of her cheek – and of course the fact that she wouldn’t stop sucking your cock for a second, even if the Sun burned out and an ice age hit the Earth! When a mommy like Victoria Valentino sets her mind to cocksucking, all distractions are ignored and the only things that matter to her are the floor beneath her knees and the cumshot waiting to erupt from your sack right down her mature throat!

Does Victoria Valentino Swallow? Yup, With A Passion Pink Smile

Busty MILF Misty Vonage gets off on giving blowjob

April 18th, 2017 by admin

13 Busty MILF Misty Vonage gets off on giving blowjob

One of the things that makes the mouth of Misty Vonage so undeniably fuckable is the fact that she resembles someone you know well. She has a face that seems alluringly familiar, like the hot MILF neighbor you hardly knew or the girlfriend of a guy you knew at the office a few years back. Going deep on this middle-aged mommy means bucking your hips just enough to help her face reach your lap as she struggles to coax the cum out of you in one final sticky blast of affection from your erection. Go ahead, cum all you want… Misty is willing to stick around and wait for you to reload if you want to use her mouth more than once!

Misty Knows The First Cumshot Is Only The Start,

Brunette MILF Raquel Divine sucking cock and balls

April 11th, 2017 by admin

19 Brunette MILF Raquel Divine sucking cock and balls

Don’t let the soft yellow sundress and covergirl good looks fool you, Raquel Divine may be a mommy most of the time but there is a filthy vixen simmering beneath the surface and when your cock comes out to play so does her nasty side! On her knees looking up at you, your mind may wander and start to wonder how many other dicks this mature housewife has sucked over the last thirty-something years – but once she opens wide and starts throating your cock all you’ll care about is holding out long enough to impress her before firing off a full heaping salvo of sperm in her mouth!

MILF hottie Olivia Sinclair giving expert blow job

April 4th, 2017 by admin

1 MILF hottie Olivia Sinclair giving expert blow job

Mommy Blows Best is obviously a website devoted to MILFs who give the best blowjobs you have ever seen. However, we also need to point out that Olivia Sinclair has perhaps the best ass ever seen on a woman over thirty. When she turns her back and starts lapdancing her thong against your bulge, feast your eyes on her amazing ass and the way her tight black T-back panties try their best to contain it! Once she has you hard and ready for oral action, she’s down on her knees in a flash and tugging at your cumshot with her tongue, throat and lips in a rhythmic sucking experience that nobody will ever be able to resist. The only way to cool this hot mature vixen off is with a shower of cum splattered all over her pretty face… so give her your best blast!

Persian MILF pornstar Persia Pele giving a blowjob

March 28th, 2017 by admin

18 Persian MILF pornstar Persia Pele giving a blowjob

Persia Pele has quickly become one of the hottest names in MILF smut because there just aren’t enough hot Persian women willing to get naked on camera! Sure, she’s a gorgeous brunette with almond eyes and an adorable smile, but even more than her own unique sex appeal – lots of porn fans wants to see an exotic middle-eastern suck slut in action! Mommy Blows Best brings you the international flavor and global allure of the best mature hotties from around the world. It’s the variety of women as well as the incredible skill level of these sexy mommies that makes this collection such an amazing oral sex archive for you to enjoy!

Horny MILF babe Totally Tabitha loves to suck cock

March 21st, 2017 by admin

17 Horny MILF babe Totally Tabitha loves to suck cock

Totally Tabitha is one of the totally hottest North Eastern MILFs you’ll ever meet. She still has some of her Boston accent even though she has sucked dick on four different continents since she began traveling extensively. She’s got a great rack that her ex-husband allegedly got for her as a birthday present a few years back… but don’t focus too much on her big tits because it’s her suck skills that have really made her a star. Watch the way she leaves her tongue hanging down out of her mouth to help the cock glide down her throat more easily – and when you cum be sure to get it all in her mouth, this blonde mommy swallows almost as well as she sucks!

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