Horny MILF babe Totally Tabitha loves to suck cock

March 21st, 2017 by admin

17 Horny MILF babe Totally Tabitha loves to suck cock

Totally Tabitha is one of the totally hottest North Eastern MILFs you’ll ever meet. She still has some of her Boston accent even though she has sucked dick on four different continents since she began traveling extensively. She’s got a great rack that her ex-husband allegedly got for her as a birthday present a few years back… but don’t focus too much on her big tits because it’s her suck skills that have really made her a star. Watch the way she leaves her tongue hanging down out of her mouth to help the cock glide down her throat more easily – and when you cum be sure to get it all in her mouth, this blonde mommy swallows almost as well as she sucks!

Cocksucking Claudia Valentine takes facial cumshot

March 14th, 2017 by admin

16 Cocksucking Claudia Valentine takes facial cumshot

Claudia Valentine is rockin’ her lucky red valentines dress in this Mommy Blows Best video that will have your cock asking if she will be YOUR valentine forever! MILFs definitely give the best blowjobs, but even among veteran cocksuckers… Claudia’s dick-sucking skills are special. From deepthroating and gagging to working her hands into the mix, she’s got the kind of oral sex talents that deserve to be featured in your permanent porn collection. Mature women who look this good and suck dick as well as Claudia can be hard to find but once you have one you’ll want to keep her around for more than just a few loads!

MILF Kristina Cross showing off blowjob experience

March 7th, 2017 by admin

15 MILF Kristina Cross showing off blowjob experience

Find yourself a Mommy with a nice set of fake tits and you can bet one thing is for sure…. you just found a woman who knows how to suck cock! If she’s still working on her body and making sure her rack is up to par, she knows that her best chance at happiness in life is to find a man she can keep happy. Notice that during the interview she says “when you’re done you can give me a score then…” That’s a housewife who understands every blowjob counts! It’s not OK to give great head a couple times a week and then start slacking, she has to be able to deliver every single time you point at the floor and she drops to her knees! Her eyelashes may fall off, her throat may start to close up involuntarily but until you cum she knows her job isn’t done and nothing is going to get between this mommy and a nice new sticky facial! When the cum finally splatters on her face she looks right at you and says “that’s awesome!” and you know she’s right!

MILF Kora Cummings giving a blow job in the cabana

February 28th, 2017 by admin

14 MILF Kora Cummings giving a blow job in the cabana

Kora Cummings is still wearing the same exact headband she used to keep her hair out of her face when she sucked dick more than a decade ago! That’s really the secret of housewives who love to suck dick and a big reason why these MILFs are expert cocksuckers. A Mommy like Kora keeps learning new blowjob tricks from the first time she puts a big dick in her mouth right up until this moment when it’s your cock she’s slobbering on. That long history on her knees pleasing men is quite an education, and whether its a way to position her hands or a neat hair accessory that will help her blow you better, Mommy Blows Best because she can rely on all the dick sucking experience she has earned over the years!

Horny Milf Olivia Sinclair

February 20th, 2017 by admin

13 Horny Milf Olivia Sinclair

Mommy Blows Best is obviously a website devoted to MILFs who give the best blowjobs you have ever seen. However, we also need to point out that Olivia Sinclair has perhaps the best ass ever seen on a woman over thirty. When she turns her back and starts lapdancing her thong against your bulge, feast your eyes on her amazing ass and the way her tight black T-back panties try their best to contain it! Once she has you hard and ready for oral action, she’s down on her knees in a flash and tugging at your cumshot with her tongue, throat and lips in a rhythmic sucking experience that nobody will ever be able to resist. The only way to cool this hot mature vixen off is with a shower of cum splattered all over her pretty face… so give her your best blast!

Blonde Mommy Nina Hartley blows better

February 13th, 2017 by admin

12 Blonde Mommy Nina Hartley blows better

Someone up there must really love us because we scored big time! We got a blowjob scene from legendary MILF Nina Hartley. Yes, I said Nina-fucking-Hartley! And after 23 years making porn movies, Nina Hartley still has one more cherry to pop – this is her very first POV blowjob scene. But before the BJ even started, Nina taught us (and you!) a few tricks of the trade and shared the secrets to playing with a girl’s pussy until it makes her climb the walls and scratch the sheets. Take notes because she’s the type of older woman who can teach you a few things! After all these years, Nina Hartley still loves to suck cock. She slobbers all over the head, sucks the balls, and even nibbles at his dick as she worships every inch – all while he tries to hold back and savor the blowjob he’ll remember forever. Nina is in complete control every step of the way and she ends this scene by jerking his cock until he drops a load of cum all over her glasses. Nina Hartley really is the greatest MILF ever!

Cute Mommy Kayla Synz blows better

February 6th, 2017 by admin

11 Cute Mommy Kayla Synz blows better

I love a sophisticated slut — the kind of woman who wears silk and pearls but really wants a pearl necklace. Kayla Synz is that kind of woman. She starts off wearing virginal lingerie, but she can’t wait to come out of her lingerie and show off her sexy frame. She does a long tease so that we can admire her long legs and tight abs. This isn’t the body of a mommy, this is the body of a woman who was made just for fucking. When she comes toward you, she looks like a graceful cat stalking her prey; but in this case, she’s stalking a cock. Kayla uses her whole body to turn that cock to steel. She slaps it against her tits, strokes it with her hands and tickles his balls with her fingertips before she even takes it in her mouth. By the time she puts his cock in her mouth, she’s got him so worked up that it only takes a few licks before she’s tasting pre-cum leaking onto her tongue and then she knows its just a matter of minutes before she gets the entire load.

Sexy Mommy Megan Monroe blow better

January 30th, 2017 by admin

1 Sexy Mommy Megan Monroe blow better

When you invite a hot mom over for dinner, a MILF understands that dick is always on the menu. Megan Monroe isn’t the kind of woman to miss out on a good cock-sucking. She’s been sucking dick for years and she’s gotten pretty damn good at it. She sucks dick without worrying if her makeup is running or if hair is perfect. Her only concern is getting you off and drinking your nut. She’s all sucking, no talking as she spits on the head of the cock and drives her mouth further and further down the shaft. If you want a guaranteed blowjob, a horny mommy like Megan Monroe is the person to invite to dinner.

Amateur Mommy hard blowing a Cock

January 23rd, 2017 by admin

Sexy Amateur Mom is hard blowing a cock

milf Amateur Mommy hard blowing a Cock

Mommy Blows better Pictures

January 16th, 2017 by admin

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